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Summer Camps

Summer 2018 - Now taking Registration!

Prep Teams

Levels 1, Competitive, run September 2018- April 2019

Registration Opens June 15th.


Recreational Classes

3 Sessions:

  1. Test It Out - 4 week class in May
  2.  September-December 
  3. January-April (this session includes a performance at the All-Star Cheer Extravaganza)

Tumbling Classes

Summer Session schedule will be posted June 9th.

NOTE ABOUT SUMMER TUMBLING CLASSES:  We do not have make up classes as we want to keep our coach/athlete ratio appropriate as well as consistency with instruction.  We know in the summer people have holidays and may have to miss a class.  What we do for our summer session is we charge for one less class.  It you end up attending all classes, you get a bonus class this session.  This is only for our "tumbling classes" and is not applicable to semi private and private lesson packages.

  • Summer Session: June-July
  • Fall Session: September - December
  • Winter Session: January-April
  • Spring Session: May

All-Star Teams

Levels 1-6, Competitive, run June 2018-April 2019

For more information on All-Star teams check out our PARTICIPANT HANDBOOK


One of our most popular sessions that runs the month of May