Tumbling Classes

ACE has designed a comprehensive skill checklist specific to each level.  Below is a brief summary of the skills at each level, however the actual scope and sequence of skills is much more detailed.  Please speak to our staff to find out more about our unique tumbling program.

Level 1 Beginner - rolls, cartwheel, handstand, bridges, round off
Level 1 Advanced - front walkover, back walkover, handspring drills 
Level 2  Beginner – front and back handspring, Pre-requisite: front and back walkover, 
Level 2 Advanced - round offround off handspring, Pre-requisite: Standing handspring, front and back walkover, strong roundoff
Level 3 – standing handspring series, front tucks, round off hand tuck, jump handspring combination
Pre-requisite: powerful handspring on floor, round off handspring on floor (handspring should be powerful with locked arms and strong snap down before progressing to level 3.  This is the most common level that people move on too quickly.  Please ensure your child has MASTERED level 2 first)
Level 4 – standing tuck, hand series to tuck, layout, layout step out, whip, x out
Pre-requisite:  handspring series, running series ending in a tuck
Level 5 -  running full twisting layouts, double fulls, standing fulls, jump tuck combinations
Pre-requisite: Strong layout, twisting drills in level 4 class, standing tuck